How to get the most of a game changer: the Primus Truck

The 2017 Primus® Road Show has come to a close and again has proven to be an outstanding way to communicate our technology to the right audience. It also offered an excellent opportunity to introduce visitors to our wet cleaning solution, thanks to a dedicated SoftWash® area.

Most of the events organized around the truck have been a success beyond all expectations, and the 2018 season is already planned.


For six months this year, the truck has travelled to Madrid, Brno, Napoli and Sochocin as well as 15 cities in seven European countries. With a corner for barriers, one for wet cleaning, one dedicated to small common laundry rooms, and one for OPL, distributors could target all audiences with the right set of machines, and generate concrete business opportunities.

“The Primus Truck helped us to deploy impressive events in terms of image and to bring our offer closer to our prospects. And live demonstrations are definitely a huge business accelerator.”
Álvaro Boeta, Director General Boaya Spain.

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