If you want to build your own laundry in your hotel or pension or renew your old equipment, you are at the right address.


  • shorter cycles (less soiled laundry)
  • more of full drying - terry cloth (towels, bath towels, bathrobes, rugs)
  • tourist area - longer stays - replacement of linen twice per week for example
  • city, business hotels - short stays – daily change of the linen

Referential example

  • Guest house
  • 3 star hotel
  • Luxury 5 star hotel
Situation 60 beds 80% occupancy 100 kg/day
Solution Washers:1xFX105 1xSP10 
Dryers:1xT9 1xSD10
Situation 150 beds 80% occupancy 250 kg/day
Solution Washers:2xFX180 1xFX80
Situation 697 beds 30 suites80% occupancy 1800 kg/day
Solution Washers:5xFS55 1xFX180 1xSP10
Dryers:6xT35 1xT16 1xDAMS6
Ironers:1xIF50-320 1xI33-200
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