Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and Clinics solve problems with washing of contaminated linen according to highest hygienic standards and regulatuions. We have a full range of barrier washers in order to simplify and to optimize the setting up of your laundry offering the best protection for employees, patients and the best prevention for the spreading of micro-organism and superbugs. Highest quality components and raw material in the manufacturing process ensure a long life span and safe investment.

For more information,we have prepared brochure Hygiene


  • barrier machines according to hygienic standards (ssoiled and clean side)
  • less washing cycles (longer)
  • smaller load ratio (1:11, 1:12)
  • less of full drying (eg 5%)
  • thermal disinfection - drying, ironing

Referential examples

  • Small hospital
  • Medium Hospital
  • Large hospital
Situation 100 beds 10 working hours 580 kg/day
Solution Washers:1xMB26 2xFXB180
Auxiliary equipment: Presses, Finishers
Situation 300 beds 60 doctors 200 nurses 60 auxiliary personel 1680 kg/day
Solution Washers:1xMB140 1xMB90 1xMB44 1xFXB240
Dryers:1xDX55 1xT24
Ironers:1xHeavy Duty 1xI33-160
Auxiliary equipment: Presses
Situation 4500 kg/day
Solution Washers:4xMB66 1xMB33 1xMB26
Dryers:1xDX77 2xDX55

MXB line

MXB line
capacity high spin
36-70kg medical

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