Industrial Laundries

Primus offers wide range of industrial laundry equipment for commercial laundry business to meet various requirements or needs.

Referential example

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Situation 320 kg/shift - Laundry for bed linen, towels and body linen for residents and small businesses, restaurants and guesthouses
Solution Washers:1xFX240 1xFX180 1xFX105 1xSP10
Dryers:1xT24 1xT16
Auxuliary equipment: Ironing table
Situation 750 kg/shift - Laundering for Senior homes, hotels, restaurants and wellness
Solution Washers:2xFS40 2xFX240 1xFX180
Dryers:1xDX55 1xT35 1xT11
Auxuliary equipment: Finisher, Ironing table
Situation 2000 kg/day - Commercial laundry
Solution Washers:1xFS1200 4xFS55 2xFX240
Dryers:3xDX55 2xT35
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