Why Primus

Primus’ well-recognised global brand stands for high-quality, value-for-money and reliability. Primus constantly invest in its capabilities to develop continuously improved product solutions in terms of environmental and user friendliness as well as hygienic quality standards.

Dear Customer,
In 2011, Primus celebrated is Centenary year. In the last 100 years the industry has witnessed many revolutions. As a world-class player, part of Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) – the global leader – since 2014, Primus continues to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. And with the support of its new parent, future R&D investment is assured

Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS), is the new Primus parent company. Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS), manufacturer and marketer of commercial laundry equipment used in laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premise laundries produces a full line of commercial washing machines, dryers and ironers with load capacities ranging from 6 to 180 kg. Certain commercial products are also sold in the consumer laundry marketplace. Alliance Laundry Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. For more information, visit www.alliancelaundry.com.

Customers today also have an eye for detail. In recognising this, Primus has worked with a highly regarded design agency to create a modern masterpiece as foundation of the new development of the brand design identity.

Our excellent network of distributors has convinced us that, with the FX Line, we have the right product to meet the challenges for years to come.

Jean-Baptiste Van Damme
Vice President Europe

Discover new FX line

In many regions of the world, water and energy consumption are the main components of a sale. To meete these requirements, our washer-extractors (FX line) have been designed to achieve Xtremely low water and energy consumption.

Unique CASCADE™ drum

Despite the extraction of 400 g of water, the linen does not stick to the drum – which simplifies unloading.

Thanks to the CASCADE™ concept, there are more perforations in the drum over the same surface area – so water extraction is much more efficient.

The inclination of the bulges extracts even more water – so, the percentage of humidity after extraction is Xtremely low.

The CASCADE™ shape of the drum holes provides an extra mechanical action that produces an even better washing result.

Discover new FX line

The FX machines are designed to consume Xtremely little water - without reducing the washing quality. In order to achieve this, the space between drum and tub has been optimised. The heating elements are now in a ‘sink’ to protect them during the Xtremely low water consumption.

Less water in a passive space between tub and drum

Optimising the passive space between tub and drum has minimised water consumption considerably. This has been achieved thanks to a couple of Primus innovations:

  • The passive space was reduced by re-positioning the temperature sensor and the heating elements.
  • Also, the space between the tub and the drain valve has been reduced.
Discover new FX line

Market research regarding customer expectations for a new line of front loaders shows that design is a very important aspect. As in the household sector, industrial innovations must be accentuated by design.

Shape of the control panel - “nose”

The control panel is inclined to make the operator’s work more ergonomic. Options in the menu scroll up and down, and use - is very intuitive use for regular customers. Display shows which soap hopper compartment to use.

XControl Plus programmer with unlimited programming possibilities for laundry professionals. USB plug for fast and easy uploading of new washing programmes.

Discover new FX line

Because the diameter of the door opening is crucial for easy loading and unloading, the maximum diameter was calculated for each model. In addition, the door opens a full 180° for greater user-friendliness.

Soap hopper in the front central position

The soap hopper consists of 4 compartments, suitable for powder as well as liquid soap. Plus, for additional ease-of-use, the compartments are now ergonomically located at the front of the lid and next to each other. The compartment for the main wash is modular, so the size of the cup can be changed according to the size of the machine.

Large door opening

The maximum diameter for the door opening has been calculated for each model to make loading and unloading easy. In addition, the door opens a full 180° for greater user-friendliness.

Discover new FX line
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