11. 03. 2020

At Primus, we ensure a hygienic, flexible and efficient laundry process that preserves your mops. Our innovative laundry solutions tailored for facility management industry, include:

  • Special washing programs
  • Soft mount machines with capacity up to 280L
  • Cycles developed for various mop head soil levels
  • Stainless steel optional dirt collector

Our revolutionary technologies in these machines are:

Cascade drum & Optiload: both optimize resources for better results. Cascade drum, through mechanical actions, accelerates dirt removal and drainage while protecting the fibers. Optiload calculates the weight of the load and automatically adapts the amount of water, energy and detergent.

Xcontrol and EasySOAP: ensure a higher efficiency by unlimited programming possibilities and adding automatically laundry chemicals.

Trace-Tech and ECO3: provide tracking and savings through eco consciousness. Trace-Tech records statistics helping to tailor programs. ECO3 helps you to reduce 15% water, 25% moisture and 20% of energy.

Our machines are known for their robustness, user-friendliness and outstanding lifespan. Contact us for more information. Our expert team will help you design the perfect installation to ensure an extremely well performing laundry process.






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