Childcare facilities
We offer a wide range of tailored washing and drying solutions for childcare facilities across the world.

Our combination of machines and technology ensures the best solution to meet the hygiene
requirements for:

  • Toy washing
  • Kitchen garments hygiene
  • Facility garments (Towels, curtains, etc.)

Germs, bacteria, and viruses accumulate on the surfaces, garments, and toys of child-care facilities, increasing the risk for kids who spend time in the facility to get contaminated, due to be playing together with toys that are not disinfected properly.

Toys must be washed on a regular basis; this requires a suitable washing machine with the appropriate washing cycles.

Recommended lines
Referential examples

Scenario: small childcare facility that takes care of 10 to 30 kids and does small amounts of laundry
Washers: 1x SC65
Dryers: 1x DAM6
Scenario: medium size nursery that takes care of 10 to 25 kids and does average amounts of laundry
Washers: 1x SP10
Dryers: 1x SD10
Scenario: Large size childcare facility that takes care of + 25 kids and does large loads of laundry
Washers: 1x FX105
Dryers: 1x T13
Other segments
Enjoy the highest level of care for staff and patients with specialist Primus healthcare laundry solutions.

From front-of-house to individual rooms, Primus hospitality laundry solutions ensure 5-star linen quality and appearance.

Facility management
Primus facility management laundry solutions are targeted to adhere to your precise needs to allow you to focus on your maintenance clients.

Commercial laundry
If commercial laundry is your primary business, Primus is the optimum partner for dependable, economical, powerful and professional performance.

Your prudent investment with Primus laundry solutions gives you peace of mind and your customers outstanding washing results.

Imagine, for a moment, if this was your business: You no longer use costly solvents and chemicals in your cleaning process.

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