Facility management
Primus has the experience and the innovative drive to optimise your facility management process.

Targeted solutions for facility management:

  • Specialized mop programmes
  • No ironing
  • Economical
  • Short cycles

At Primus, we innovate to make your laundry process more efficient, more economical and more sustainable. We aim at reducing your water and energy costs to a minimum while also speeding up the process, resulting in lower operating costs and lower labour costs. Additionally, we continuously develop technologies that reduce the time of the laundry processing drastically.

We offer complete, tailor-made laundry solutions for your business. Our wide range of laundry equipment is known for its robust character and durability, ensuring a low service frequency and a long lifetime.

Other segments
Enjoy the highest level of care for staff and patients with specialist Primus healthcare laundry solutions.

From front-of-house to individual rooms, Primus hospitality laundry solutions ensure 5-star linen quality and appearance.

Commercial laundry
If commercial laundry is your primary business, Primus is the optimum partner for dependable, economical, powerful and professional performance.

Childcare facilities
Germs, bacteria and viruses, accumulates on the surfaces, but also in garments and toys of child-care facilities, Primus washers help to disinfect and...

Your prudent investment with Primus laundry solutions gives you peace of mind and your customers outstanding washing results.

Imagine, for a moment, if this was your business: You no longer use costly solvents and chemicals in your cleaning process.

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