Cleanliness and presentation are key to your business – give your guests and your staff the linen they deserve.

Targeted solutions for hospitality:

  • Shorter cycles
  • Economical & efficient
  • Optimised consumption
  • Quick, complete drying
  • Soft, crisp, clean results

In-house laundry solutions provide a huge advantage compared to outsourcing. With the wide range of Primus equipment, you find the most innovative solutions tailored to your organization.

To consistently set the industry benchmark, we have developed and continue to develop patented technologies and distinct features to offer you eco-friendly cleaning services and flexible solutions that are built to last. Primus laundry solutions provide efficiency and optimized economical usage of energy, water and physical space.

Recommended lines
Referential examples

RX line
Highly efficient, hardmount industrial washers ideal for commercial facilities with capacities from 8-52 kg
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FX line
Optimised consumption and high performance in a uniquely stylishly designed softmount cabinet with capacities from 6.5-60 kg loads
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FS line
Large capacity, high spin, softmount industrial washer extractor with capacities from 80-120 kg
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T line
Industrial tumble dryer with radial and axial airflow and with capacities from 9-35kg loads
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DX line
Large capacity industrial tumbler dryer available with gas or steam heating with capacities from 11-90 kg
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I line professional
Professional ironers with roll diameters from 250-300mm and roller lengths from 1000mm-2000m
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I line commercial
Professional ironers with roll diameters from 320-500mm and roller lengths from 1600mm-3200m
View more
I line industrial
Professional ironers with roll diameter 800mm and roller length from 3200m
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IR/IF line
Industrial cylinder heated drying ironers with front & rear return (IR) and length folding (IF)
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IFF line
Industrial cylinder heated drying ironers with integrated feeding and length folding with roller length from 2000mm-3200mm
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PC line
NEW! Highly efficient hardmount washer extractors, from 9 to 45 Kg capacity with Xtronic control technology
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TX line
NEW! Innovative TX Industrial tumble dryers, 9kg capacity in electric and heat pump versions, with DimpleDry technology
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4 star hotel - Meliá Hotel Sol Don Pablo
5 star hotel
Scenario: 60 beds | 80% occupancy | 100 kg/day
Washers: 1x FX105 | 1x SP10
Dryers: 1x T9 | 1x SD10
Ironers: 1x I25-120
Scenario: 150 beds | 80% occupancy | 250 kg/day
Washers: 2x FX line
Dryers: 1x T16
Ironers: 1x I33-160
Scenario: 697 beds | 30 suites | 80% occupancy | 1800 kg/day
Washers: 5x FX600 | 1x FX180 | 1x SP10
Dryers: 6x T35 | 1x T16 | 1x DAM6
Ironers: 1x IFF50-320 | 1x I33-200
Other segments
Enjoy the highest level of care for staff and patients with specialist Primus healthcare laundry solutions.

Facility management
Primus facility management laundry solutions are targeted to adhere to your precise needs to allow you to focus on your maintenance clients.

Commercial laundry
If commercial laundry is your primary business, Primus is the optimum partner for dependable, economical, powerful and professional performance.

Childcare facilities
Germs, bacteria and viruses, accumulates on the surfaces, but also in garments and toys of child-care facilities, Primus washers help to disinfect and...

Your prudent investment with Primus laundry solutions gives you peace of mind and your customers outstanding washing results.

Imagine, for a moment, if this was your business: You no longer use costly solvents and chemicals in your cleaning process.

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