Facility management: clean more & faster
16. 06. 2020

Whether you are operating an essential business, hospital, nursing or elderly home, cleaning has taken on an even higher importance over the last few months. The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to one truth: we need more cleaning.

Facility managers must develop processes and plans to increase the cadence of cleaning. To devise their required action plan, they must:


It is important to look at the facility with new eyes, meaning put yourself in the public’s position and log the areas of the facility that are most interacted with. Door handles, furniture, handles, equipment controls/switches, trays, floors, etc. This helps to identify the greatest risks for the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.


The increased frequency of cleaning requires more clean mops and wipe-down cloths. Laundering these important items offsite brings a host of challenges including, needing to have extra supplies on-hand and facilities are dependent on a third party’s pick-up and drop-off times that may not interfere with their own schedules.


It is more cost effective than outsourcing the service. At Primus via Alliance Laundry Systems Financial Services, we offer rental solutions to help to reduce up-front expense (available in Spain, Italy and France only). Advantages of an in-house laundry are:

  • Fast cycle times mean mops and cloths are returned to service quickly
  • Reduces inventory requirements
  • On-site solutions deliver greater throughput – items can be laundered 24/7
  • A variety of equipment sizes and capacities means there is a solution to fit any size facility
  • Greater control of the process to ensure the best possible decontamination of cleaning items

While the COVID-19 crisis has placed increased emphasis on a more deliberate approach to cleaning, we can assume this is not an anomaly, but the new norm. That is why it makes sense for facility managers to develop a total solution that includes an on-premises laundry to increase the cadence of cleaning that reduces the spread of harmful viruses and infections.

An on-premises laundry solution ensures facilities are prepared any further outbreaks or increased cleaning requirements. Our range of FX machines go as low as 8kgs and fit perfectly in any reduced space even with no smoke vent.

By owning management of this task in-house, you can have peace of mind that the proper laundering processes are being followed to keep staff, the public and residents/patients safe.

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