Primus Laundry Hygienic Installation for an Italian Nursing Home
22. 10. 2020
  • Where: Paderno Dugnano, Milan, Italy
  • Segment: Hygiene - Hospitality
  • Business: Association
  • Resulting Installation: 3x FXB180 + 2x T24 GAS + 1x SP10 + 1x PRESS

Barrier washers: Hygienic and flexible laundry process

Our compact hygienic barrier machines, separate soiled and clean items, giving your facility the flexibility of a tailor-made process to adapt to any changes in regulations. Now the nursing-home has a more flexible laundry process, ensuring the best hygiene levels thanks their Trace-tech monitoring and tracking software. With easySOAP, staff no longer has to manually add laundry chemicals. Plug-and-play access for up to eight dosing pumps ensures precise and accurate dosing of chemicals every cycle and eliminates waste.

Large Capacity dryers: Maximum drying efficiency

Primus expert team paired the washer extractors with high capacity dryers, that helped shorten the full process. Equipped with Moisture Sensors, the dryers ensure linen dried at the exact point.

Professional laundry solutions for mops

Our solution for dry or wet mops ensures a hygienic, flexible, and efficient laundry process that preserves your mops for a longer lifespan. Taking better care of these pieces helps extend their useful life and reduces costs.

Professional Ironers: the perfect finishing touch

Professional ironers allow to remove wrinkles and they also dry the linens at the same time. To achieve a professional finishing touch our flatwork ironers can handle the largest bedding, or the ironing of several items aligned on 3,20 meters.

Primus delivers optimum cleaning, lowest cost of ownership and most efficient water and energy consumption, through engineering expertise in designing sustainable machines.

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