Primus Awarded WFK Certification
28. 07. 2020

Mop Washing Program Kills 99.9% of Germs

Barcelona, July 28 – Primus, a laundry equipment brand known throughout Europe for its wash quality and technology innovations, recently received certification for disinfection processes for mop washing for the FX line of washer-extractors. Certification comes from German and European cleaning authority - WFK Institute for Applied Research.

“Primus has always innovated with purpose and placed a premium on superior hygienic results, Christophe Sisternas, vice president of international marketing at Alliance Laundry Systems. “The WFK certification of our mop program is further evidence of our company’s commitment to cleaner and safer environments where our machines are at work.”

WFK testing (report MB 1880/19 of April 16, 2020), conducted earlier this year, showed the Primus FX line reduced germs by more than 99.9 percent. Testing utilized a 7.5 kg load, Eltra 40 Extra detergent and the washer-extractor’s mop wash program at a 40 ºC.

Previously, machine programs required a customized approach to achieve superior sanitization results for mops. WFK’s certification is verification of the Primus factory-set program’s exceptional cleaning. An additional advantage is the program is just 30 minutes – helping facilities managers return sanitized mops to service fast. The mop program is offered factory-equipped on Primus FX models.

Primus FX models range in capacity from 6.5 kg to 28 kg, ensuring a solution to fit any size operation. In addition to the factory-equipped mop cycle, managers may also add an optional external dirt collector (either under or back of machine install) to optimize labor and extend equipment lifespan.

“These verified results should offer peace of mind to facilities managers that our Primus washer-extractors are producing a higher level of clean to help keep staff, guests and residents safe,” Sisternas said. “While this has always been important, it is even more so during the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

For more information on the WFK certification and the Primus FX line, visit

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