Primus, keeping firefighters safe
29. 05. 2020

Firefighters and emergency workers dedicate their lives to keeping citizens safe. As first responders during the current COVID-19 crisis their role is heightened, both in risk and importance to public safety.

While the virus has shown a long lifespan on flat surfaces and metal, doctors believe it can also live for several hours on fabric, with a slightly longer span on polyester and spandex-like materials. That means garments need to be washed more often to ensure the technical fibers that make up the PPE are not harboring the COVID-19 virus.

To battle this COVID-19 virus in the firehouse and ambulance bays some of the suggestions are:

  • Wash their garments after each call
  • Run a sanitize cycle between loads.

Firehouses need access to equipment that can wash PPE gear safely, while returning it to service fast. In-house laundries equipped with Primus equipment help departments meet this need. Primus washer-extractors and our PPE Drying Cabinet answer the call to deliver exceptional clean results and return gear to service fast.

In addition, tools such as Trace-Tech®  laundry management system help streamline documentation that gear was washed according to defined processes.

Firefighters and emergency workers dedicate their lives to keeping citizens out of danger. It is important to have just as strong a commitment to keeping them protected. Laundry has never been more important, and at Primus we have the innovative DC Range and FX Range to help protect them from this virus as well as the dangerous carcinogens that may lurk in their PPE following a fire call.

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