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12. 01. 2021

Laundry is part of our business and we take pride that we have been on it for a hundred years. If there is something that we have learned from the new normal, is that hygiene must be one of our top priorities in our day to day life. Facility managers and owners must consider the perks of an in-house laundry to have the capacity to get all the linen, mops and cloths back to use in no time, ensuring their disinfection.

We offer tailored-made solutions to each specific need you might have. Our family of dryers will assist you in the process to pick the most suitable solution for your facility.

Why choose Primus’ professional dryers?

  • Long lasting and versatile
  • European built.
  • Ergonomic and silent
  • Design to avoid over dry and protect fabrics
  • Fast dry and ecofriendly
  • Flexible programming
  • Touchscreen controls and tracking software
  • Compact and available in gas, steam and electric dryers
  • Many different capacities from 9 to 90kgs

Great dryers for reduced laundry space

We recommend you the TX9. It matches the FX80 Washer-extractor, in terms of aesthetics and dimensions with extremely optimized consumptions and features. Reduced footprint of 1,014m2.

For vend environments we recommend our professional-built stacked dryers, front load washers and professional dryers in 9,5kg.

Full electric dryers for laundries without exhaust: fast and efficient

TX9 Heat Pump helps to save space and does not require exhaust. It only takes 0,65m2 as the heat pump system is placed under the drum. These dryers are eco-friendly, and their energy consumption is extremely low (up to -17% compared to their previous range)

This new version also includes a triple filtration system and our new Dimple Dry technology for better drying.

Touch dryers that you can operate through cloud and apps

As a laundromat owner you always need to oversee what is happening within your facility.

Our DX line, from 13 to 34 kgs is now available with XControl Flex platform, a touchscreen of 7” (5” in stack dryers) and available in up to 34 languages to ease operations. I-Trace is the software that allows owners to have tracked records of their laundromats available everywhere from just a mobile or a computer.

Are you interested in large capacity tumble dryers?

For heavy workloads DX line goes as far as 90 kgs of laundry.

Other specific drying needs for your gears and uniforms?

Our Drying cabinets (DC range) can wash PPE gear safely, while returning it to service fast. An excellent option for Firefighters garments

Our machines are eco-friendly, user friendly and ergonomics, efficient and long lasting. Visit our products page for more information or contact us. Our expert team will help you design the perfect installation to ensure an extremely well performing laundry process.

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