06. 05. 2020

In-house laundry is needed everywhere but it doesn’t always fit in every site. Laundry facility requires an utility installation and particularly an excellent exhaust to vent the dryers keeping down the working room temperature. When a standard installation is not feasible, the TX9 compact Heat Pump dryer offers the best and most eco-friendly solution.
The TX9 Heat Pump dryer is the best machine to solve this complex installation issue; it helps to save space and doesn’t require exhaust. It just shares the washer water supply connection that is required.

Advantages of TX9 heat pump:

  • Compact design (reduces space)
  • Electrical with minimum consumption
  • Heat pump system placed under the drum easily removable and replaceable.
  • Water cooled system
  • No influence of ambient temperature on the drying time
  • Fully sealed cabinet design, for best insulation and less noise.
  • Dimple dry technology

Our machines are known for their robustness, user-friendliness and long life time. Visit our products page for more information or contact us. Our expert team will help you design the perfect installation to ensure an extremely well performing laundry process.

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