11. 10. 2018
BubbleLab is a fast expanding laundrette group in Malaysia, using exclusively Primus equipment in their stores. One of their main strengths has been to create their own unique atmosphere…and their stores are definitely unique. They feature vibrant colors and paint the picture that you are doing laundry in an under-sea environment, complete with fish and whales “swimming” past on the walls, while a blue sky and clouds adorn the ceiling. This is one of the many best practices we listed in their laundromats.

A strong marketing pitch

“Laundry can be so much fun.” This is what BubbleLab promises once you get through the door. On top of their exclusive, fun decor, they prepped it all to be as entertaining as possible for the user and included: Wi-Fi, TV, radio, chill-out space and a children’s playground. The offerings are designed to make time fly for customers waiting for cycles to complete. “Cleaner, Faster and Cheaper.” BubbleLab has chosen Primus durable and reliable equipment to ensure they comply with their promise and get the most out of it. For instance, they program three rinses per cycle to maximise wash performance, taking into account Malaysian water quality. BubbleLab also utilizes several capacities, including extra-large washers and dryers, to help customers wash more laundry in a single cycle.

BubbleLab 8 best practices to boost laundromat usage

  1. Differentiated decor helps create a unique atmosphere that your customers will enjoy. If they like their experience they will come back or visit other BubbleLab locations.
  2. Provide entertainment (Wi-Fi + TV) to help customers pass the time.
  3. Clear rules (see signs) help maintain perfectly clean stores.
  4. Clear signage and instructions help customers save time by simplifying the laundry process.
  5. Playground for kids will enable families to come anytime and wash more loads.
  6. Easy payment (coin exchanger) will help you cash in.
  7. Multi-language instructions will enable you to attract different populations.
  8. Use price promotions (time-of-day and day-of-week) to boost traffic during low-traffic hours. Reducing the peaks and valleys of busy/slow times enables the laundry to effectively serve more customers.
BubbleLab uses our RX line of hardmount washer-extractors and our T line dryers (single-pocket and stacks). These products ensure customers get the best laundry process from start to finish, and owners benefit from the highly efficient equipment. Average installation: 2 x RX135 + 3 x RX180 + 2 x RX280 + 2 x T 13/13 + 2 x T24. To learn more about Primus solutions for laundromats, click here. Want to know more about BubbleLab? Visit Want to know more about Primus equipment? contact us

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