Primus at FOR GASTRO & HOTEL 2018
23. 10. 2018

Primus attended the FOR GASTRO & HOTEL 2018 trade show in Prague

Primus presented its best laundry solutions for hospitality and gastronomy in the last edition of  FOR GASTRO & HOTEL, held in Prague the first week of October in the PVA Expo Prague.

The show - one of the biggest shows in Czech Republic with approximately 30.000 visitors per edition -  was a great opportunity to present the range and laundry solutions for the hospitality segment. Show visitors consisted mostly of  staff of hotels, pensions, restaurants, hostels, and spas/wellness facilities. This was the second time that Primus exhibited at the show and this year it had a goal of increasing its presence.

"At FOR GASTRO & HOTEL, we want to demonstrate to customers how important it is to have their own laundry inside their facilities, beyond the immediate effect on cost savings and quality of service" - explains Radomir Korcek, Primus Sales Representative in Czech Republic.

Primus team staged a washer (FX105), a dryer (T9), a stack washer and dryer (SPSC10) and an Ironer (I-33-160 models), as a representative installation and laundry solution for most of the visitors of the show. This equipment mix is one of the best way to achieve professional performance in optimized space to wash, dry and iron your towels, bedding, and tablecloth.

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