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Xcontrol FLEX

The most intuitive & user-friendly laundry control

  • 7” full color touch screen display: Easy to read from any angle and customizable display
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface : Offering all data at a glance. This best-in-class interface offers an excellent operator guidance
  • Clear step-by-step instructions available in 34 languages: Simplifies operation for users, any selection is no more than two touches away


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The most flexible control for programming and data-exchange

  • Efficient preprogrammed wash cycles & easy -to-understand cycle modifiers
  • Wash cycles can be customized for specific needs
  • Machine programming & performance data accessible through cloud. This allows owners to remotely access live machine data on mobile device


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Intuive and connected touchscreen control. Operating and managing a laundry has never been that easy.



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