ACL line feeder, folder & stacker
Integrated feeding
Integrated feeding
Length folding
Length folding
Chest heated
Chest heated
Touchscreen control
Touchscreen control
+ Combination of ironing, feeding, folding and stacking into one machine
+ One person operation possible
+ Compact dimension to take less space
+ One piece flexible and self adjusted chest
+ Gas and electric heated through thermal oil
+ Automatic feeding in 1 lane by set of 2 clamps
+ Brushing system for good quality of feeding
+ Manual feeding for small pieces in multiple lanes
+ 1, 2 or 3 longfolds in 1 lane
+ Automatic fold selection depending on size of piece, for each program
+ Folding by air blast, adjustable by time
+ Adjustable air pressure for each program
+ Possible to fold different size (sheets), the final result is equal (1/2)
+ 2 or 3 crossfolds in 1 lane
+ 1st by air blast, 2nd mechanical, 3rd by pick and stack onto the stacker
+ Number of pieces per stack is programmable
+ By-pass possible
+ Jam alarm system
+ Color touch screen 10”
+ Possible to program 30 different programs
+ Possible to copy all data on USB
+ Visualization of all information and alarms
Roll diameter 500 to 800 mm
Roller length 2000-3300 mm
Electrical heating 30-90 kW
Gas heating 52-189 kW
Roller motor 0,75/1,5 - 2,2/4 kW
Capacity 275-950 kg/h
Roller speed 1,5-6,5/12 - 3-12/16 m/min
Dimensions (H×W×D) 3381x1430x1430 to 5445x2490x1605 mm
Net weight 1560 to 2830 kg

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