DX line
Large capacity
Large capacity
Large door opening
Large door opening
Gas or steam heating
Gas or steam heating
+ Dual Digital Control or OPL Micro
+ Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
+ Galvanized drum
+ Radial airflow
+ Standard reversing drum
+ Self-cleaning lint screen
+ Preheating of intake air
Capacity 77 kg
Drum volume 1410 l
Drum diameter 1290 mm
Number of drums 1
Number of loading doors 1
Airflow 1010 l/s
Fan motor 1,1 kW
Drive motor 1,1 kW
Gas heating 116 kW
Gas connection 1“
Exhaust 305 mm
Dimensions (H×W×D) 2390×1345×1775 mm
Packed dimensions (H×W×D) 2510×1320×1870 mm
Net weight 705 kg
Gross weight 825 kg
Steam heating 77,81 kW
Steam pressure 6,9 bar
Steam connection ¾“

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