Serie I (St. Commerciali)
Coin version available
Coin version available
Cylinder heated
Cylinder heated
Electric, gas heating
Electric, gas heating
+ Large surface contact with linen over an angle of 300°
+ Chrome-plated cylinder for a better thermal conduction
+ Finger protection and emergency button for more safety
+ Durable NOMEX ironing belts
+ Automatic cool down
+ Easy to operate microprocessor: 20 pre-set ironing programs
+ Indication of ironing speed and temperature
+ Reverse mode possible
+ Frequency controlled motor
+ Easy to remove lint filters
+ Space saving installation against the walls possible: front return
Diametro 500 mm
Lunghezza 2000 mm
Riscaldamento elettrico 38 kW
Riscaldamento a gas 36 kW
Motore del rullo 0,37 kW
Motore di ventilazione 0,18/0,255 kW
Capacità 80(el,gas)/95 (steam) kg/h
Velocità del rullo 1,5-8 m/min
Collegamento elettrico 3×208-240V 50/60Hz, 3×380-415V+N 50/60Hz
Gettoniera available
Dimensioni (AxLxP) 1232×2750×992 mm
Dimensioni imballato (AxLxP) 1550×2890×1110 mm
Peso netto 1150 kg
Peso lordo 1350 kg
Umidità residua 40 %
Volumen (empaquetado) 4,97 m3
Riscaldamento a vapore 49 kg/h
EC microprocessore standard
Hotel laundry
Hotel laundry
City: Třinec - Vendryně
Country: Czech Republic
Coin shop
Coin shop
City: Roeselare
Country: Belgium

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