Szafy suszące
+ Flexible construction allows hanging bars to slide easily forward for easy access to garments
+ Easy to install
+ All electrical components are placed on the top which makes it easy to maintain
+ Pull-out hanging system
+ 3 temperatures: High, normal and low
+ Energy efficient
Loading capacity 4 kg
Drying capacity 17 g/min
Hanging length 16/52,5 m/feet
Heating effect 1,5 kW
Total effect 1,535 kW
Energy consumption economy /kg 0,5 kWh
Electrical connection 1N, 230V 50Hz
Fuse 10 A
Outlet exhaust 100/3,94 mm/inch
Outlet air flow 45 m3/h
Airbone sound level 60 dB
Dimensions netto (HxWxD) 1939x595x619 mm
Net weight 61/134,5 kg/lbs
Drying time, economy 30°C 180 min
Drying time, express 45°C 120 min
Energy consumption express /kg 0,6 kWh

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