Linia T
T11 HP
T11 HP
+ Heat pump
+ Easy to use microprocessor
+ RADAX® concept: combination of radial and axial airflow
+ Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
Capacity 11 kg
Drum volume 250 l
Drum diameter 760 mm
Number of drums 1
Number of loading doors 1
Drying average 0,126 l/min
Fan motor 0,2 kW
Drive motor 0,25 kW
Electrical heating 2,9 kW
Electrical connection 3×380-415V 50Hz
EC-microprocessor programmer (antivandal) standard
FC-microprocessor programmer available
Coin meter available
Dimensions (H×W×D) 1680×795×1525 mm
Packed dimensions (H×W×D) 1785×855×1540 mm
Volume (packed) 2,35 m3
Net weight 350 kg
Gross weight 385 kg

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