Histórico da empresa

- Novos centros de atenção ao cliente no Dubai (UAE), Shanghai (CN) e Brescia (IT).
Lançamento da exposição movél da Primus.
A Alliance Laundry Holdings LLC adquiriu o grupo Primus Laundry Equipment.
Inicio de produção da calandra de 80cm de rolo.
Acquisition of Deli machinery company in China.
100th Anniversary of Primus celebration.
Launch of the FX line.
New headquarters in Gullegem (Belgium).
Our current logotype.
Start of T dryers production.
Move to current factory in Příbor (CZ).
Starting production with the new range. Hygienic barrier washer extractors.
New free-standing washer-extractor. The picture shows Model F 10.
The company is moving away from the household machines and we will focus on commercial laundry equipment now.
New logotype after almost 40 years.
Futura is the very successful model. You will also find these machines also in many coin-op laundrettes.
Primus FUTURA, automatic washers are the future.
We kindly invite you to our booth.
CRISTAL, ATOMIC, COMMANDER. The new washing machines with heater system.
Let us introduce the first Primus washer with metal drum.
Primus has a new logotype.
Dear customers, we are starting with production of household washing machines. This is the beginning of production of laundry equipment.
Let us show you our new company plate.
Our first company logotype.
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